Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Welcome Fall . . . .

Hello  . . . 
Fall has arrived and brought with it bits of my favorite colors.
The deep oranges, vibrant reds, mustards, browns and yellows,
just make me happy!
(and the cooler temps don't hurt either!)

Please enjoy todays offering, should you like to purchase,
Please email:

I'm Running Away to the Halloween Circus!
Created from hand over-dyed black mohair, she has wool felt paws, ear linings
and glass eyes. A fully jointed elephant she is stuffed heavy with steel shot to
have a squishy belly and huggable feel.
This sweet soul is about 10" tall.
She wears a ruff of antiqued vintage wool felt with a bell at the neck.
 Her little pumpkin is created from the same!
Off I go . . . . 
Is my ruffle straight?  Is my bow tied?
Wish me luck on my audition to join the Halloween Circus!

Happy fall to all!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little closer to fall!

Hello friends & welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday.
As we inch ever closer to fall, the days grow shorter and cooler
and our thoughts turn to witches (the good kind) and pumpkins!
Please enjoy today's offerings.

Should you wish to purchase please email:

Happy later summer & almost fall!
Lori Ann
#1 ~ A Wee Witch in Training
Wee Witch is about 10" from ear tips to pointy toes.
Created from soft black mohair with pointy witches toes she is weighted to
be cuddly (as all good witches are!)
Wee Witch is dressed in early fabrics, from her print skirt to her lace shawl 
with early button.  Her hat is wool felt with a matching trim.
Her trusty companion wee mouse (a pin keep) is at her side!
Such a good little witch!
Bunny & pin keep set: 
ship $10.00
#2 ~ Mouse on a Dotty Pumpkin
Created all from mohair.  Wee mouse is black mohair while his pumpkin 
is hand dyed mohair with subtle hand dyed dots.
A wool leaf and wire curly complete.
About 3.75" h x 4.5" w.
weighted to sit nicely.
ship $8.00

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Penchant for Pumpkins!

Hello and welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday!
I hope you enjoy these "Pumpkin-ish" offerings.

To purchase, kindly send an email stating your preference to:

Have a lovely day!
Lori Ann
Peter on a Pumpkin
The sweetest German rayon ted sits atop his prized hand dyed woolen pumpkin.
Overall height about 7"  ~ A neck ruff of vintage ribbon gets him in a festive mood!
Weighted for a lovely feel!
(Sorry for the photo quality . . . Black is quite hard to photograph! ;-)

Pandy of the Pumpkin Patch
Just shy of 6" this wee fellow is perfect for tucking into a Halloween display!
Black and beige mohair, he is weighted with steel shot to nestle into your hand.
His pumpkin is lovely hand dyed velvet and his ruff vintage ribbon!
Comes in a sweet little ribbon tied box.

MICES on hand dyed velvet pin keeps.
About 3" x 4" ~ Mices have wool felt ears and glass bead eyes.
Weighted and Oh so sweet!
$68.00 each
$5.00 ship.
Please specify by number or color:
#1 ~ Beige ~ SOLD
#2 ~ Orange ~ SOLD
#3 ~ Green ~ SOLD
#4 ~ Black ~ SOLD
#5 ~ Amber ~ SOLD

Saturday, September 6, 2014

When you're not looking . . .

Sometimes  . . .  a treasure finds you.
 When you're not even looking!

A few weeks ago we made a delivery of a very large Rabbit to the Lebanon area of Ohio.
Since I was finally out of the house for the day, we had a lovely lunch
in Yellow Springs and stopped at an antique mall to "stretch our legs" on the way home.
I do so love to antique, but sometimes I just can't think of another thing I "need" !
We were at the "Heart of Ohio Antique Center" near Springfield, Ohio.
They have lots of glass cases . . . definitely NOT my favorite way to antique.
So many things crammed in, that for me it all just becomes a blur, but I do understand,
it's such a large place with many small items.
I was actually on my way out, empty handed, past a final row of cases. 
For some reason I decided to take a closer look at one, 
I don't know why . . . or what compelled me, but amongst
other bits in which I had no interest I saw a little mohair foot!
Hmmmm . . . I looked up from below the glass shelf and spotted a mohair paw,
and a very cute bumm. 
I flagged down one of the "helpers" to open the case . . . and low and behold
a very small (just under 10"),  sweet and early teddy. 
I really tried to play it cool and not grab him from the helpers hands!
Tho he is missing his button, he is unmistakably a Steiff.
There is a small rust hole where his button would have been and his other characteristics
are definitely Steiff.
He now has a new home . . . looking down at me from a basket on the wall over 
my desk . . .  he makes me smile.

I hope he makes you smile too!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello September !

Welcome to:
 Wild Hare Wednesday!
September is here, a time to usher in the colors of fall.
As the reds, russets and golds appear in nature, 
these same hues fill the studio as well!

Should you like to purchase, please email:

Please meet:
Skitters really isn't skittery. He actually looks pretty mellow to me!
This sweet 10" teddy of golden hand dyed mohair is fully jointed with wool felt
paw pads and glass eyes. Weighted nicely with steel shot, he has
a lovely feel.
Skitters wears a Halloween hat of vintage crepe paper, Dresden trims
and vintage ribbon.  He holds his prized black woolen pumpkin.
ship $10.00

Happy September!
Lori Ann

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fleeting . . .

Synonyms: brief, short, short lived, quick, momentary, cursory, transient 
ephemeral, fugitive, passing, transitory: Literary: evanscent

The summer days are fleeting or even evanescent if you will. 
One afternoon I'm posting about our beautiful hydrangeas then upon those heels
about the first colors of fall!
Oh how we giggled when our elders complained about the days passing by too quickly, 
until that is, we have become those elders noticing the same.
Photos are a true testament to how quickly our days pass. 
The differences seen in just a week . . . recorded as a reminder.
Each day is a gift to be savored and held on to!
(I do hope I'm not posting about snow next week!)
Enjoy the day . . .
Lori Ann

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy . . . .

The hydrangea are amazing this year . . . 
They must have enjoyed the long hard winter more than I!

Have a happy "dirt under the fingernails" kind of weekend!
Lori Ann